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1.-Lo primero es darte las gracias por dedicarme tu tiempo y por supuesto, felicitaros por vuestro inminente lanzamiento de la banda titulado " Framework"

How can you summarize the recording of the new album?

The actual recordings went pretty smooth this time. Once we had all the songs written, the recording process went much faster than on our pervious albums so it was a pretty painless process.

2.-I understand that every time is more difficult to exceed the expectations of your fans. Has it been difficult to compose the songs for the Framework?

Yes and no, most of the songs were written in 2011 and they came about pretty natural. But the last couple of songs were harder for me to write for some reason. Probably because I've been so busy with non music related stuff that kind of consumed most of my energy these past couple of years. So it was hard to find energy, time and focus to write the last songs. But I guess the hard work I put into those songs, even though it was a bit of a struggle, paid off in the end because two of those songs will be our first singles.

3.-How it is the process of composing for WOA? Who is working?

I do all the writing and once I finished a song and made a demo of it, I send it to Herman and Lars so they can record the drums and vocals. In the end, all recordings are sent to Lars who then mixes everything and make everything sound great

4.-With your new album, does the trilogy of WOA close?

In a lot of ways yes. Although I never thought we were actually gonna do 3 albums, that was what we set out to do when we first started the band back in 1992 so, mission accomplished I guess. Hopefully many more albums will follow!
5.-WOA has not given many concerts since its launch. Will be more concerts with this new album?
We always try to play as many gigs as we possible can. But everyone in this band are pretty busy so it's sometime hard for us to find dates when all 5 of us in the live band are available. But, we are in discussion with several promoters right now and we will announce live dates as soon as it's 100% confirmed. Keep checking in to our Facebook site and website for the latest info about upcoming gigs.

6.-As you read my review, I see much less evolution between your previous album and your new release. It's been 3 years since " In progress" , in which WOA was change?

I think that's subjective of course but whereas we were still trying to find our sound on "Artwork", with "In Progress" we pretty much found how we wanted to sound. So this time, the focus were to write some really good songs within the same tradition as "In Progress". The thing that has changed most is that we are now much more confident in working in the studio so this album probably was recorded twice as fast as our last album.

7.-What song you like more framework? why?

I really like "Can't Let Go" as it represents our sound very well. An upbeat and catchy song with lots of both keyboards and guitars. Another favorite right now is "Shot Till You Wake Up" which is an interesting track. It starts off in one way but then takes some twists and turns that you might not expect so, that track stands out for me as well.

8.-Is it difficult to compose for WOA and WET at the same time?

Nope because the process is so different. With WET, Erik and I usually sits down and write the songs together which makes the songwriting process really quick. With WOA, I write alone which allows me to try out a lot of different stuff and gives me time to reflect on every song so in that sense, it's a bit more time consuming process but in the end, very rewarding.

9.-What memories you have of your visit to Spain?

We have lovely memories from our gig in Spain! As it were our first gig ever, it's always gonna be very special to us. Not to mention the excellent way we were being treated by everyone from fans to promoters. And we always joke around that we need to come back to Spain really soon as we all have a craving for your wonderful tapas haha We can't wait to come back!!

10.-The TOTO sound is still present in all your songs. How was the experience of sharing a stage with them?

It was a dream come true! Easily one of our high points. And not only to share the stage with them but the TOTO guys were so friendly and welcoming towards us which was amazing. And we stayed in touch with some of Toto guys ever since.

11.-As a musician, can you live from the sale of records?

Not even by a long shot. Sure, when the check comes in, I can go out and eat a fancy dinner with my wife but, that's about it.

12.-How do you feel more comfortable, composing, producing or on stage?

Easy one for me, composing!!

13.-I assume that you have read several reviews of the disc. The result is spectacular. Are you Happy with the comments about the disc?

So far they have exceeded all my expectations. I can understand that some of the excitement and the "WOW!" factor we got to enjoy as a new band might have worn off by now. But to hear that many think this is our best album yet feels SO good!


14.-How many themes extras have left out between the 3 disks?

Not very many. Usually the songs that were left out one on record shows up in a reworked version on the next one. Like "Fall Down" on "In Progress" was a left over from "Artwork" and "Natalie" on this new album was a left over from the "In Progress" recordings. Then there are couple of other songs that we left out but, they were left out for a good reason.

15.-What are the plans in the short time of the band?

We're going to Chicago in the beginning of October to play Melodicrockfest and then we hope to put together a release gig here in Stockholm to celebrate this new album.

16.-Thank you very much for your time. We hope see you in Spain very soon to promote your new " Framework" album.

The pleasure is all mine!

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