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Skyscraper "Evelation" Ghost Dancer Music/Cargo Records

Ghost Dancer Music/Cargo 
RecordsRelease: 8 September 2014

This dynamic band has been taking critics by storm with their inimitable brand of melodic hard rock. Skyscraper's powerful and heavy demeanour is a fresh take on a breed of music that's been the foundations of rock 'n' roll for many years. In some quarters Skyscraper has been compared toHughes/Thrall, and Bad English, which sees the band in esteemed company as they release this captivating debut album.

Skyscraper is:

Lee Small (Vocals) - Lee was the voice on the last Shy album. He hails from the Black Country and his vocals are as evocative and powerful as the many well-known frontmen who come from that area, including Glenn Hughes and Robert Plant.

Tor Talle (Guitars) - Tor a renowned Norwegian guitarist, best known for his work with Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow) Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Northern Light, Overland and Rob Moratti (Saga).

Dave Boyce (Bass) - Dave is the former bass player for Airrace and The Quireboys.

Guest Musicians:

Imre Daun - Drums (Salute)
Bruce Gaitsch - Acoustic guitars (Madonna, Richard Marx, Chicago)

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