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NEWS: OSUKARU – “Transition”, detalles EP 2014

OSUKARU – Line Up:
Oz Osukaru – Guitars, Keyboards
Fredrik Werner – Vocals, Guitars
Cecilia Camuii – Vocals
Vidar Mårtensson – Drums

Jens Björk – Saxophone
Fredrik Svensson – Bass
Ryan Coyle – Drums

Detalles de su nuevo EP

The new OSUKARU EP will be titled "Transition" and contain a total of 11 tracks. The release is scheduled for the summer via City Of Lights Records.

Band leader Oz Osukaru says: “Transition” has the melodies and layers from “Salvation” mixed with the playfulness of “Triumphant”. Add to that the biggest production to date on an OSUKARU record. What you have is an AOR fest for all fans of Melodic Rock.

The CD was mixed and mastered by Attila Bokor (Morph, BOA) and Kevin McNoldy (Dave Matthews Band, Backstreet Boys).

OSUKARU “Transition” – Tracklist:
2.Strangled Emotions
3.Edge Of A Broken Heart
5.Blinded Eyes
6.FM Rocks 98.5 (Redux)
7.Tell Me You’ll Stay – 2014
8.Out Of Touch – 2014
9.Mafia Rules – 2014
10.Promised Land – 2014
11.City Lights – acoustic (Bonus Track)

Esperemos que sigan al nivel de su anterior disco pero que hayan mejorado el nivel de su vocalista.

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