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GRAND SLAM " Waiting For Tomorrow " EP 2014

Waiting For Tomorrow EP 2014
- Get High
- Don't Leave
- Waiting For Tomorrow

“Grand Slam offers an energetic live show and invites the entire audience to attend this party. Grand Slam play melodic rock with powerful songs and arena choruses that everyone can sing along to, even if it is the first time you hear the songs. Drums, bass and guitars have a heavy sound and are completed with melodic keyboard melodies and great vocals. The shows are performed professionally in an entertaining way, spreading joy among the audience. An experience to recommend to others and do not be surprised if you leave the show humming on any of the songs that were played.

Grand Slam started as a project in Malmö to submit songs for the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden since there are far too few songs that are competing in the genre rock. The first song was submitted in 2008 and at least one song has been submitted every year since then. The greatest success has been the song "All day all night" which was a finalist in the Webjoker in 2011 in a selection of about 600 songs. Many different people have contributed through the years when recording these songs, but in 2013 a fixed set of members was selected to go out and play these songs live, including as supporting act to Casablanca.

Grand Slam has also appeared on radio in Sweden and England. They have done interviews and got songs played on a number of occasions and received good response.”

The absolute latest news is that we released the Waiting For Tomorrow EP in May this year and it’s available for download at iTunes and Amazon Mp3. You can also find the songs on Spotify. Right now we’re working on new material with a lot of focus on one special song. This has been recorded recently in the studio and it will be submitted to the Swedish tryouts for the Eurovision Song Contest. If we don’t make it we will probably release it in November. For now I can only say that it’s a real powerful monster hit J

We have a couple of links to videos that might be of interest for the blog. First we have a short preview of all songs on the EP:

You can find all of our videos at our Youtube-channel http://www.youtube.com/grandslamsweden and this also includes a couple of live clips of earlier songs that where performed before we found our current line up.

We post all our news on our official website www.grandslamsweden.com and on Facebook www.facebook.com/grandslamsweden

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