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Aprovechando la inminente visita de Danger Danger a nuestro país , les hemos realizado una pequeña entrevista. Espero que os guste.

Firstly, thanks so much for your time.

You’re very welcome, Antonio!

1.- As of today, what’s Danger Danger’s situation as a band? Could we consider you as a working band?

Yes. This has been our busiest year in many years. 25 years strong.

2.-Have you thought of recording new material in a short-term?

No plans for that.

3.- In this tour, you are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band. How would you sum up all these years?

I’m amazed that we are still together and that our fans are still with us. Old and new. We’re very fortunate. It’s been a hell of a ride. We had an amazing beginning, a rough middle, and we’re having a great final act. I hope it continues.

4.-What Danger Danger’s album are you proud of? And which one wouldn’t you like to record again?

I’m proud of all of our albums. And yes, there are things I would love to do differently on a lot of songs but that’s not how it works.

5.-What was the main reason Kasey Smith left the band in 1992?

He was going through some tough times in his personal life. Unfortunately, it was negatively affecting him and the band. It wasn’t an easy decision but ultimately it was the right one. It always bothered me until one day Kasey said to me that we had made the right decision. We’ve remained good friends ever since. We were together last week.

6.- What was the reason why the Company didn’t want to publish your Cockroach Album? Could it be the trigger of Andy and Ted’s decisions of getting out?

Bingo! Sony didn’t want to deal with the lawsuit so it was just easier and cheaper, to shelve the record than to go to court and fight it.

7.-Why Andy Timons left the band and why he has never returned?

At the time, we didn’t know how long the lawsuit was going to last and if the record was ever going to come out. Andy was waiting around in NY living at Kasey’s, which by now was uncomfortable. Finally we all agreed it was best for him to go back to Texas and do what he needed to do. He was willing to move forward with us and Paul Laine but it just took too long. Obviously, we’ve all remained very close since then. As I mentioned, Andy played a show here in NYC with his band just last week. Bruno, Kasey and I went to see him. We’re really looking forward to our reunion shows together. Not sure if you know that we will be doing a few shows with the original band. All 5 of us. NY, Japan and the UK.

8.- Some time ago I read Resolve’s album was a really hard disc recording. Is this true? Why it was so complicated?

Yes, it’s true. Writing and recording Revolve was difficult. I definitely put too much pressure on myself to make a special record. I’m glad that I did.

9.-I understand that both Bruno Ravel and Steve West have other professional obligations that may difficult the Danger Danger’s career as an active band, but how it came the idea of playing again together as the original band in the last Firefest’s show edition?

Kieran Dargan who is the promoter has been asking us for years. What better time than our 25th Anniversary. The stars aligned.

10.- Your "Dawn" album is by far the less known and less appreciated album by the audience. What do you think of that album now from a distance? Do you consider a mistake in the Danger Danger’s career?

I love that record! The only mistake was calling it a Danger Danger album. We should have changed the name of the band, which we were considering. It was just too radical of a shift from what Danger Danger is. There are a few songs on that record that I consider some of our best work. 

11.- What was the reason the band decided auto-produced “Screw it” album? Do you think this affected the final sound of the album?

Of course. Bruno and I felt that we could achieve what we wanted to without an outside producer. I’ve got no complaints and I certainly don’t think our fans outside of the US do. Worldwide, Screw It! is much more popular than our first album.

12.- What will happen with Danger Danger’s band after this tour ends? Will there a new album?


13.-What kinds of productions are working Steve and Bruno now?

We’ve got some things in the works. Nothing that I can discuss at the moment.

14.-In the past festival "Frontiers" it rang tracks from your latest album "Revolve". Will it be included in Madrid show?

Yes. We always do one song from Revolve.

15.-Is Danger Danger’s band so well known in the U.S. as you’re in Europe?

I really don’t know how to answer that. I guess by looking at the back of our new t-shirt we are more popular overseas. We’ve just played in Italy at the Frontiers Festival. We did Sweden Rock a few weeks ago. We were scheduled to do Download in the UK. We’re heading to Japan, Spain and Portugal in September and the UK in October. Europe, Scandinavia and South America have really embraced us these past 25 years. We’re truly grateful and humbled.

16.- Thanks for your time and thanks you for attending to AORLAND’s program. Would you like to say some words for our supporters and your fans?

On behalf of myself, Bruno and Ted, I’d like to thank all of our amazing fans for their continued support. We are truly amazed by the love you guys constantly show us. Thank you for your never-ending inspiration. We love you and look forward to seeing all of you in Madrid!

And thank you, Antonio! We appreciate all the support you’ve given us throughout the years. Thank you for keeping our music, and AOR alive and well! I wish you many, many years of continued success!

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