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First of all thank you for your kindness. It is a real pleasure to be able to conduct this interview. Since I discovered FM back in the '89, I have not stopped further your music career. Let's  review your career with Shadowman / the ladder and Overland if you´re agree.

1.-Once FM is dissolved you together with Pete decide to set up So!, a project where you practice a very different sound, nothing to do with FM. What does So! mean in your musical career? Are you planning to take up again this project in the  future?

The 'So', album was a great record for me to make. It was something a little different, and I wanted to make an album where I just sang the melodies, instead of all the usual vocal histrionics. It was a great band, but I don't think it will happen again, due to time

2.-Firstly the first work with Escape Music was going to be released under FM name but finally they decided to change it to The Ladder. What did really happen?

The Ladder album was never gonna be an F.M album, there were only two members of the band on it, but they were all songs left from old F.M sessions, apart from a couple.

3.-What are your memories working together with the great Vinny Burns in this first work?

.I have known Vinnie for many years, he's a great guy, and it was great to have him on the record.

4.-You compose the last song of the record together with Pete Jupp and your brother Chris (Too bad). Is it a new song or a left FM song?

Too Bad is a real old song left over from the Wildlife days.

5.-Your second album under the name of The ladder “Sacred” offered a very different sound if you compare it to Future Miracles. It was darker and more powerful than the previous one but more melodic in a way. It was an outstanding cd very well received by the reviews and from my point of view it was one of your best albums in a long time. Was it too much work to move away from the sounds offered in Future Miracles?

I try to make all of my projects outside of F.M sound different ,so working with different musicians and co writers, it was just a natural progression.

6.-Will we ever have the opportunity to listen to any of these fantastic records live anytime?

i don't think there will be another Ladder album, too many other things happening, so no live shows for that

7.-Let’s talk about Shadowman. With 4 albums released it seems to be a consolidated project. How came the idea to start this project?

I met Steve Morris when doing my first album for Escape, the Foreigner tribute album ,we got along great and Khalil asked if we would like to do an album together.Harry and Chris were friends from Thunder, so it was great to work with them.

8.-In every record you have offered different sounds, from a very commercial melodic hard rock to sounds similar to FM and sounds close to Thunder. Which style do you feel more confortable with?

.I love the Shadowman stuff for that reason that it has many styles, and is very varied

9.-Which is your favourite Shadowman cd?

.I like all of them for different reasons,but I do think'Ghost in the mirror'was a good album

10- .-I understand that all the members of the band are collaborating in several projects and this prevents you from doing a tour in a short term but have you thought about doing some kind of concert to enjoy all the records of this awesome project? What  sound will Shadowman offer in the future?

A new Shadowman album is written,and will be the next thing to record for me, and we are talking about taking it on the road



11.-As if this wasn’t enough, between Shadowman and The ladder cds you finally release your first solo album under the name of “Overland”. A very surprising cd  because of its sound. The audience expected something closer to the AOR made by FM and they found a rocker record with up to date and current sounds instead.

.-How did come the idea of releasing your first solo cd “Break away”?

Khalil from Escape,had asked me about doing a solo album,but I wasn't sure,however he is very persuasive and I have loved doing them.Working with Anders Rydholm was a great experience,and it was a another different direction for me

12.-Which song  of this first cd are you happier with?

I like many songs on the album,but I love'Look into your eyes'

13.-With your second and third álbum  ( EPIC)  you offer a more melodic and direct sound if, you compare it with your debut, and the compositions remind the first FM stage. .-Which one of the three cds  released describes Steve Overland best?

.I would say 'Epic' is the album most fans would associate with what Steve Overland is about,but I like to think no one album can sum me up.

14-The last album is produced and arranged by Mike Slamer and co - produced by: Christian Wolff.
How do you feel after the sudden death of Wolf?

I was very saddened and shocked to hear about Christian, he was a great guy and a great musician.

 15-"EPIC"  is perhaps your most melodic album of your solo project. Do you think that in this musical work has successful  in the choice of songs? will be  a fourth disc in the future?

I thought the songs on the album were very Strong, and it had a fantastic response, and when I've finished the new F.M album and Shadowman, I'd love to do another one, Khalil has already spoken to me about it, and yes we have been talking about doing it live.

16-On the website of overland- Shadowman announce a collaboration with vocalist Hearland Chris Ousey called Ozone, will be news about this project very soon?

Yes the 'Ozone' album is being mixed at the moment. It was great working with Chris, he's a great guy,and once again this album is a little different.

17.-You know that all your fans are looking forward to listening to songs made by you and by your brother Chris. Don’t you think it would be fantastic to release new songs written by you both under the name of OVERLAND? I am sure it would be a great AOR record. Have you guys written any song after Chris’ leaving?

Chris is now very much out of the business, and runs a guitar school, but never say never.....

Thank you for your support throughout my career....

Best wishes....Steve O.


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  1. Gran entrevista con una de las grandes voces del rock melódico.

  2. Gran entrevista con una de las grandes voces del rock melódico

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