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FM " INDISCREET 30 Interview "

Fm visit Spain coinciding with the publication of his new album. A disc where return to re-record his acclaimed Indiscreet with a much more modern sound but respecting the original structure of their songs . During his visit put to them this interview.

1.-First of all, thank you a lot for your time and your kindness . How did the idea to record your first album Indiscreet 30 years later? We have always read in interviews that the sound recording was obtained in this not entirely satisfactory, it Is one of the reasons that have dared to re-record it with current techniques?,

FM: We have always thought Indiscreet didn't sound as good as Tough It Out so there was always the possibility of re-recording it. The idea to do it came from Steve Strange our manager.

2.-In some concerts where you have performed songs of Indiscreet you have invited Didge Digital , your Original keyboardist , have you told him to re-record the subjects under study ?,

FM:All keyboards on the new recording are played by Jem Davis, who has done a great job recreating the parts that Didge played and more!

3. Reviewing your path from the first stage, gives the feeling that you are living your best stage as a band. How did you really feel in this new stage?,

FM: Yes we feel this is the strongest and most productive line up in FM's career.

4.-As in the stage where you were counting with Andy Barnnet in your ranks, after publishing Aphrodisiac the band showed signs of exhaustion. This time with Jim Kirkpatrick seems that every album you sound cooler. What is your secret?

FM: Jim has given the band a shot in the arm since joining. Reconnecting with the fans after such a long lay off has been such a brilliant experience for the rest of the band.

5.- Maybe I miss something in your long career, is to have made ​​the leap both the US and Japan . How can you explain that especially in Japan, that FM has not had the impact they have had in Europe ?

FM:Simple fact is we have never toured Japan or the USA.

6.-Will you come try to make the jump to the US as concerts are concerned ?

FM:If we got the right offer we would jump at it.

7.-In recent years also you perform concerts with big bands like Europe , Foreigner or Heart. How was the experience of sharing the stage with such important bands?

FM:One of the major reasons we do this, is the chance to play on the same stage as some of our favourite bands Toto, Foreigner, Journey, Lizzy and Heart, it is and always will be a massive buzz! 

8.-With another great band that you would illusion to share the stage ?

FM:The Rolling Stones.

9.- I understand that the new FM disc will be publish under your own label, will be ? Do you publish more records under Frontiers seals?

FM:We have just signed a deal with Frontiers to release Indiscreet 30.

10.-I'm sure for you to play your music in large venues must have been an unforgettable experience, where do you feel more comfortable, in small rooms or in large auditoriums ?

FM:Big gigs, small gigs, dosen't really matter to us and long as the sound onstage is good.

11.-Can you share with us the best and worst time lived in each of your steps so far?

a). Indiscreet // Tought it out 1985 - 1989

b) Andy Barnnet´s era 1991- 1996

c) Jim Kirkpatrick´s era 2006-2016

FM: 1985 to 1990 was frustrating as we never got the support from CBS/Epic in the USA.
Opening for Bon Jovi on the Slippery When Wet tour was a real highlight. 

1991 to 1996 was a tough time for melodic rock as Grunge had taken over.

2007 to 2016 We are still surprised how well we have been welcomed back.

12.-What awaits us in your new concert on Spanish tour ?

FM: Indiscreet in full plus much, much more!

13.-.How is being the reaction in terms of sales of your new album? A disc that can be booked a few weeks through your website .

FM: The reaction has been off the scale, that is why Indiscreet 30 is getting an official release on Frontiers.

14.-Reviewing the sogns that had been included on the new disc, made in lack many unreleased songs that were included in your first singles released . Perhaps Let love be a leader is that the public will more demand , but songs like Captured , Dangerous , When Tomorrow Comes or unknown Strange kind of love would have been a great gift for fans to hear them again with a modern sound . Was raised at some point be included as a bonus in the final release?.

FM: We discussed it and decided to do Let Love Be The Leader. Dangerous has already been re-recorded. The other songs were just B sides and never made the live set.

15.-Comparing with bands on tour today even remotely approach the number of concerts that are accustomed to offer in every new album. Do you feel fortunate to be able to perform many concerts in each tour although you finish exhausted?

FM: We have always tried to support each release with a major tour. If we couldn't tour the albums we wouldn't release them no matter how exhausting the touring is.

16.- What FM we offer in 2017 ? New album perhaps?

FM: Yes, we are writing it now.

18.- . By the way , finally, you are not much given to perform acoustic concerts . Do You like that format ? Since that incredible No Electricity Required you don´t recorded much in that format.

FM: We have only done one acoustic show since re-forming. That was in Milan, Italy. We really enjoyed it so I'm sure there will be more acoustic shows in the future

19.-Thank you very much for your time. We wish you a happy tour of our country and good luck with the new release

FM: Thank you, we were amazed by the audience reaction from Spanish fans at our first show in Spain and the shows just keep getting better and better.

Merv Goldsworthy ( FM)

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