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SOUND OF ETERNITY – Visions & Dreams


GENRE: Melodic Rock 

CAT#: MRR021 

01) Visions And Dreams 1:14 

02) Call To Action 4:53 

03) Running To You 4:43 

04) Broken Heart 4:32 

05) Reason To Live 5:04 

06) Alpha & Omega 3:43 

07) My Saviour 4:50 

08) Eternal Love 7:30 

09) Forever 4:11 

10) Universe 4:54

SOUND OF ETERNITY – Visions & Dreams 

MelodicRock Records is excited to announce the signing of new Spanish melodic hard rock band 

Sound Of Eternity. Their debut album Visions & Dreams will be released June 23. 

Sound of Eternity is a female fronted melodic rock band formed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 2013 

by Jean Funes (Guitars) and Beatriz Aranda, the lead vocals from Cordoba, Spain. Its background 

comes from the band "Codigo Eterno", which makes melodic rock in Spanish since 2004, and was 

formed by guitarist Jean Funes. The debut album "Visions & Dreams" is filled with passionate songs 

inspired by melodic rock acts like Def leppard, White Heart and Petra, also modern rock bands like 

Skillet, Anberlin and Fireflight. 

It was mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson (W.E.T., Eclipse, Jimi Jamison), who plays bass and 

keyboards on the album. Also with Andreas Passmark (Narnia, Rob Rock, Work of Art) on bass, as a 

guest studio musician. The cover artwork is made by Carl Andre Beckston (Monowasp) and booklet 

design by Nello Dell'Omo from Art For Music. 

Sound Of Eternity is: 

Beatriz Aranda – Vocals and BGV, acoustic Guitars 

Jean Funes – Electric Guitars 

Rui Prado – Drums 

Guest Studio Musicians: 

Erik Martensson – Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals 

Andreas Passmark – Bass.


SECRET – The End Of The Road

GENRE: Melodic Rock 
CAT#: MRR022 

01) Give Up The Fight 
02) Here With Me 
03) Since I Fell For You 
04) Just To Hear You Say 
05) Bring You Down 
06) Out Of My Life 
07) Wherever You Go 
08) Trust Someone 
09) Piece Of Mind 
10) When You Really Love Someone 
11) Angeline 
12) I Believe In Love

MelodicRock Records is very excited to announce the signing of Spanish melodic rock group Secret for 
the worldwide release of their debut album The End Of The World on July 18. 

Secret is a new Melodic Rock project born in Murcia (Spain) in 2012. The line-up comprises of vocalist 
Jesus Espin (ex-91 Suite)(vocals and backing vocals) and guitarist Ivan Gonzalez (also ex-91 
Suite)(guitars, bass, drums and keyboards). 

After a period of musical inactivity, and given the friendship between them, the pair decided to once 
again join forces with the idea of just to have "a good time making music they like". From there the pair 
wrote a number of new songs and the idea formed to complete an album. Finally, the project is realized 
under the name of Secret and the album titled The End Of The Road. 

The pair had this to say about the debut album and their new deal: "We are pleased to announce the 
signing of a contract with MRR (MelodicRock Records) for the release of our first album called The End 
Of The Road. The album is a mixture of all of the influences that we had through all these years of 
listening to music. You will find classic hard rock, AOR, country, soul... It's been a long and hard road 
to walk through but we are really proud of it. And we would love to know what you think of it too. See 
you soon!" 

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