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ROBIN BECK INTERVIEW / Spain " Love Is Coming" Tour. 2018

After publishing her last album under the Italian label Frontiers in 2017, Robin presents "Love Is Coming" in Spain. It will feature the musicians of House of Lords and the star collaboration of Jorge Salan to present the new songs and to review the great successes of heer career.

1.-Are you excited to play again in Spain? You will have Jorge Salan for your performance. How did you meet him?

 I'm thrilled to play Spain again. Santandre ( Plaza Porticada), Madrid (Sound Stage), Barcelona (Razzmatazz 3) … all on my Facebook page to check out..  My last  experience was a great one.  The fans are so warm and i knew many from face book.  So many people wrote on my wall that they were coming and I responded to them all.
working with Jorge is a joy… I met Jorge through my husband James Christian… James had recommended that I try Jorge years ago and the rest is history.  I just love him…He's on fire….  He's not only a great guitarist, he's a good man and great friend to me.

2.-There is a disparity of criteria about your last published disc. Are you satisfied with the reactions?

There is a major difference in all of my albums from the first to the last.  I'm so glad you noticed the quality and how it keeps on getting stronger or more creative and that the people I surround myself with are top notch…
if you want mediocre then you'll have to look to doing the same thing over and over and hope that the followers will all have hearing aids by now lol.. we are not in our 20' anymore… so if you are lucky enough to change it up for the new fans then you best do it.   
I don't like luke warm.. I like HOT!!  I am so satisfied it's beyond words.
I am reaching for my entire audience world wide.  The old fans and the new.  So far I could not be happier.  When working with a smaller label as compared to the majors  there are certain limitations to what they can afford to do in terms of pushing a record out and promoting it.. But,  I have been told by many critics that this album has at least 4 hits on it if not more and that if it was handled by a major it would be major.  Oh well…  so, heres what I say… It's major to me no matter what!

3.-Maybe people expected something less modern and more AOR, especially counting on the great Clif Magness. Does Robin Beck depart from the classic AOR sound definitively?

Not Definitively… just statically.  I have always been a butterfly.

4.-In the US, these types of releases are on death way.   Is Europe the last loophole for this kind of music?

We shall see.  In the mean time I know more people that that still love it than left it.  Perhaps it will go away… and then no venue will be safe from going straight back to Disco with a dirty mouth. 
We can only hope that finally Country Music and pure rock with melodies and stories will take over all the markets :-) 

5.-For a musician who has lived the best years of AOR in the US, is it hard to see how this type of music is slowly disappearing and that there is no clear relief for the future?

 It's about embracing what you love to listen to.
if it'f metal… let be metal… if it's pop… pop on!!  and if it's Broadway… pour yourself a stiff one and enjoy the show… it's all good.  I've never been more open to all kinds of music in my life as I am now.
I'm a music lover.  I don't need to be certain of what AOR in the US is backing theses days or how I see it…. I'm not here to manage the business, only to love the heart that goes into the creativity and magic of it all.
No one ever knows what's coming or going for certain..  I don't believe in that so much as the people who are doing the numbers.  Not my game!

6.-We have seen on social networks that your daughter wants to follow the steps of her parents. What kind of music your daughter listen and what does she think about your first albums and above all about your great success “First time“song?

Olivia Dei Cicchi, my beautiful and talented daughter is just about to turn 21.  She grew up in a musical atmosphere with rockers and Jazzers and pop till you drop music.  When she discovered her own passion,  it turned out to be Theatre.  She is a natural born soprano who can sing the phonebook…  I have heard her sing Rock, Pop, Jazz, Alternative and Opera.  She is fearless and authentic.   She is presently in the company of the US National Tour of "Les Miserables".  She is playing the understudy to one of lead roles, "Cosette".  She is on stage for the entire show and working along side the ensemble singing, acting, dancing and just  loving.  She knows what I've done and she is very proud of me and of James for all of our accomplishment.  She happens to love "First Time" too.  Lucky for me.. lol… She's the best!!  My biggest supporter.  She loves and listens to all styles of music.

7.-Of all your albums published so far, what would you choose?

Well, we all know the classic side of "Trouble or Nothing" , so that one doesn't count ;-)  The new album "Love Is Coming", is my favorite now.  If I ever trump it… then that one will be my favorite… but i'm so grateful to have had this opportunity to work with Clif and to write with him and James and it's just gonna have to be a better album for me to take this one off the tippy top.

8.-Can you tell us something about the set list that you will play in Spain? Any surprise?

Well, originally there was a big surprise with Olivia joining us and doing a partial Rock Opera piece.  Now that she can no longer joining us that surprise is not happening… however there will be a couple of songs from the past that I have not performed live before and a few new ones.  Theres always a surprise here and there but if I tell you, then it's not a surprise anymore :-) 

9.-I know it's a difficult question but, of the House of Lords releases, with which album do you like the most?

"Big Money"!!!!  ok and Cartesian Dreams

10.- What kind of music does Robin usually hear when she is at home?

When I'm listening for my own enjoyment it's usually old stuff like Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt or The Beatles, Aerosmith and anything that my girl Olivia has recorded old and new.
 I still love the classics and there are so many, that I would be typing pages and pages to say them all.

Thank you very much for your time and we wish you enjoy your trip to Spain and the audience that awaits you impatiently.

Many Thanks to you too.

See you out there

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