martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Descripción de AORLAND 175ª Edición: Never Enough.

Hoy hemos regalado melodías de otra época más la novedad de Sunstrike. Seguro que pasas una hora interesante

Michael Furlong “Use it or lose it” (1985/2009)

Patty Smyth-. Never Enough

Private Eye “St” (1990)
-Addicted to you

Atsushi Yokozeki project; -More Than Enough (Kelly Hansen vocals

Fast Forward “Living in fiction” (1984/2009)
-What´s it gonna take


The Kazu Matsui Project/Eric Tagg “Is that the way to your heart” (1984)
- Round the corner

Don Henley- The Last Worthless Evening

Millions like us “ST” (1987)
- In love with yourself

SunStrike Hurricane  ( new Album)

Robin McCauley ”If looks could kill Soundtrack” (1991)
- Teach me how to dream

Divine Rain-No_Matter_What

Greg X. Volz “Come out fighting (1988)
- Take me to the end

Jessica Wolf-Saving Someone Else

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