martes, 19 de abril de 2016

AORLAND 176ª Edición: You can do anything


1.Mikael Erlandson “The 1one” (1994)/Can´t keep hiding 

2.Climb “Take a chance “ (1988)/Girl like you 

3.Eddie Money “Nothing to lose” (1988)/The love in your eyes 

4.FS ORLONN “Books Of Beyond “ (1995)/You can do anything 

5.Chicago “Days of thunder (Soundtrack)” (1990)/Hearts in trouble (Track 5)

6.David A. Saylor “Ship to nowhere“ (2016)/Ship to nowhere (NOVEDAD)

7. I-Ten “Takin g a cold look “ (1983) /Quicksand (TRACK 7)

8.Loverboy “wildside“ (1987)/Hometown hero (track 8)

9.Bruce Roberts ”Intimacy” (1995)/When love goes (Track 4)

10.Paul Bliss “The Edge Of Coincidence “ (1997)/Castles On Quicksand 

11.Toyo “Magic” (1990)/The night you saved me

12.Fergie Frederiksen “Equilibrium “ (1999)/Blaze of love 

13.Blue “st” (1991)/You Can't Stop The Rainfall 

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