martes, 26 de abril de 2016

AORLAND 177 EDICIÓN: On The Run!!!

 1-Mata Mata Abunai Deka/Tamara Champlin “Original soundtrack“ (1988/2005)/On the run
 2-Mamás Boys “Growing up the hard way“ (1987)/Waiting for a miracle
 3-Survivor “Eye of the tiger“ (1982)/I´m not that man anymore
 4-Frank Stallone “st“ (1984)/I do believe in you
 5-Marc Jordan “C.O.W. [Conserve Our World] ” (1990)/Edge Of The World
 6-Jojo “st“ (1988)/I can´t wait
 7-Michael McDonald “Blue obsession“ (2000)/No love to be friend
 8-Greg Long & Margaret Becker “Cross My Heart” (1994)/How long
 9-MacAlpine “Eyes of the world” (1990)/The world we live in 
10-Baltimoore “There´s no danger on the roof“ (1988)/My blue moon
 11-CWF (Champlin Williams Friestedt)“ST” (2015)/Two heart of war 
12-Surgin “When Midnight Comes “ (1985)/Shot Through The Heart
 13-Change Of Heart “St” (1998)/A place in your heart

Disfrutarlo !

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