martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

AORLAND 173 Edición: Duets 2

1-Stevie Vann & Bryan Adams / Prove It! 

2-Blue Sky Ryders/Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middelman & Gary Burr / Dream 

3-Cher & Michael Bolton / I Found Someone 

4-Meat Loaf & John Parr / Rock'n Roll Mercenaries

5-Jimmy Martin & Rick Springfield/ Love Somebody

6-Curtis Stigers & Shaw Colvin / Time was 

7-Robert Tepper & Carrol Sue/ Fighting for you

8-Peter Cetera & Chaka Khan/ Feels like heaven 

9-Mark Free & Diana Dewitt / State of love

10-David Cassidy & Sue Shiffrin /All because of you 

11-Donna Summer & Mickey Thomas / Only the fool survives 

12-Dominoe/Jane Bogaert / Here I am

13-Marcum Stewart & Andrea Villarreal / Feels Like Love

14-Animotion/Cinthia Rhodes & Paul Engemann / Room to move 

15-Kimball Jamison / I did everything wrong 

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