martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

AORLAND 170ª Edición; The heat is on

1-Glenn Frey “Solo Collection” (1996)/The heat is on 

2-Autograph “Sign in please” (1984) /In The Night 

3-Epic “Like a Phoenix (2016) /Angels (NOVEDAD) 

4-Human Zoo “My own god” (2016) /Wave-Your-Flag (NOVEDAD

5-Andy Taylor “Thunder” (1987) /Don't Let Me Die Young 

6-Kevin Barrett “Makin' Movies” (1992) 

- Dance In The Beat Of My Heart 

7-Tom Hansen/Victor Brooks “Taste of California music by Tom Hamsen” (2015) /Special friend (NOVEDAD) 

8-Showbiz “Enjoy the ride” (2016) /My big mistakes (NOVEDAD) 

9- Kim Kronman “Single” (2016)/All fall dowm (NOVEDAD) 

10-Magnus Bäcklund “Never say never” (2006)/It´s not ok 

11-Jan Johansen “X My Heart” (2003)/When it cames to love 

12-Young Gun Silver Fox “West End Coast!” (2015)/You Can Feel It 

13-Cats in Space “Too Many Gods” (2015)/Only In Vegas 


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