viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014



1. If It's Love
2. A Million Men
3. Say You Believe
4. What Does It Take
5. Faith
6. Let Your Heart Rule
7. When I Wake Up
8. That Kind Of Girl
9. I Know You
10. Tears Are Not Enough

11. Backdoor Man (originally bonus track for Japan)
12. Crush On You (unreleased)
13. Love By Design (unreleased)
14. Stand Up (unreleased)

Newman reedita su gran trabajo en una edición limitada que solo se podrá adquirir en su pagina web y en sus conciertos. El disco contendrá 4 bonus tracks.

Se podrá adquirir a partir del 8 de Septiembre en su web y se lanzará finalmente el 6 de Octubre

Esto es lo que expresa Newman en su web ante su inminente lanzamiento.

"I've been extremely lucky to have had the chance to release so many albums over the years, and work with some great artists, little did I know it would come to this when I was recording the first album. I actually said to myself at the time, if this is the only album I record then I will be proud of my achievement. So I can look back now, 11 albums later, and be truly humbled by all the fans I have around the world that support and believe in my music. Over the years I have had so many requests to re-release or re-record the first album, so finally, here it is !!."

"I certainly had great fun recording this again, as I did the first time, and it brought back so many memories of those times up at Universal Sound in London. I hope that if you were fortunate enough to purchase the original album then this is a good trip down memory lane or , if you are listening to these songs for the first time, they will create some great future memories. In any respect, thank you for listening, sharing, and being a part of this journey." Steve Newman

Catch Newman live with Vega across the UK in November:

1st November - Nottingham, UK - Rescue Rooms
25 Goldsmith Street Nottingham NG1 5LB -- 0845 413 4444

6th November - Bolton, UK - Railway Venue
37 Chapeltown Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, Lancs. UK BL7 9LY 01204 306450

7th November - Swansea, UK - Static
63 The Kingsway, Swansea SA1 5HN 01792 467998

8th November - London, UK - The Garage
20-22 Highbury Corner, London, N5 1RD 0207 6196721

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