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Idle Tears - Idle Tears. Yesterrock


Release: 12 September 2014

Liz Constantine (Vocals),
Dan Pritzker (Guitars),
David Resnik (Guitars), 
Erik Scott (Bass), 
Gregg Rich (Keyboards),
Tom Crowley (Vocals, Percussion)

1. Fingers On The Pulse Of America, 
2. Take Me Home, 
3. Oh No, 
4. Hysterical Broads In Space,
5. Paradise,
6. Until You’re Down, 
7. Love In The Dark, 
8. F.B.I., 
9. Heroes Never Cry

Atentos a la reedición que nos trae Yesterrock. IMPRESCINDIBLE

Originally located in Chicago, USA Idle Tears relocated to Los Angeles when they signed a record deal with MCA Records in 1986. Centered around guitarist Dan Pritzker and female vocalist Liz Constantine, the band played typical mid 80’s AOR. They released their self-titled album in the same year which through the years became a sought after, rare classic of the genre. ‘Idle Tears’ unfortunately remained to be the only released by this band before their musicians moved on. Their members later could be found on recordings of bands such as Signal, Sonia Dada and Ministry.
In cooperation with Eric Scott, Munich based label Yesterrock now is releasing this gem in a re-mastered version.

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