martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

AORLAND 181 Edición: Everybody have fun tonight

1-Wang Chung “The best of (2002)/Everybody have fun tonight 

2-Noriyuki Makihara/Peter Beckett “Songs from N.Y.” (2007)/Stripe 

3-Chris Eaton “Reunion (Records Samplers” (1990)/Love for the common man 

4-Shane Minor “st “ (1999)/Tell Me Now 

5-Magnum “Wings of heaven” (1988)/Start talking love 

6-Little River Band “Get lucky” (1988)/The one that got away 

7-Thierry Condor “So close” (2016)/I Thought That We Were Still In Love

8-Little America “st” (1987)Where were you 

9-Jude Cole “A view from 3rd Street” (1990)/Baby it´s tonight

10-Sergio Mendes/Joe Pizzulo “Brasil 86” (1986)/It hurts a whole lot more 

11-David Roberts “Better late than never” (2008)/Before i go

12-Michael Stanley Band “You Can't Fight Fashion” (1983)/Highlife

13-John Waite “Soundtrack “About last night…” (1986)/If anybody had a heart 

14-Amy Sky “A breath of fresh air“ (1989/2007)/Paint another picture 

15-Brett Walker “Nevertheless (1996)/Quicksand

16-Fandango/Joe Lyn Turner “st” (1978/2006)/Last kiss

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