martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

AORLAND 180 Edición: Secrets in the dark

Que nadie se pierda la selección de Juan Antonio Sanchez !


1-Ace Frehley “Frehley´s comet“ (1987)/Calling to you 

2-Van Stephenson “Suspicious heart” (1986)/Fist_Full_Of_Heat 

3-Jim Capaldi “Poor Boy Blue” (2004)/Secrets in the dark

4-Mark Pogue & Fortress “Restoration” (1991)/Let it go 

5-Srdjan Brankovic “Expedition Delta 2” (2016)/Without You (NOVEDAD)

6-After Hours “Take off” (1988)/The game

7-Alan Parsons/Steve Overland “On air” (1996)/Fall free

8-Rachel Rachel “You oughta know by now” (1993) /Time ( i will still love you)

9-Lonestar “Never Enders” (2016)/Us (NOVEDAD)

10-Idle cure “2Nd avenue” (1990)/Picture of love

11-Paul Dean “Hardcore” (1989)/Sword and stone

12-Nightwork “st” (1986)/Steal Away 

13-Fab Box “Music From The Fab Box “ (2009)/Always

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