martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

AORLAND 144ª Edicion: We Back ( news & news)

En nuestro regreso hemos tenido novedades y algún momento dedicado a los clásicos, espero que os gusten ! 

00- Danger Danger " Crazy Night" 

01-TEN- Is There Anyone With Sense ( From The Dragon And Saint George EP ) 

02-COP. Loner ( from AOR HEAVEN new) 

03-Art Nation- All In ( Aor heaven new= 

04-LifeLine Feels like love ( Escape music new) 

05-Push uk-Stand-Up-And-Fight ( AOR Blvd records new) 

06. Cats In Space - Mr Heartache (Single) Rock N Growl Promotion 

07- Joshua Peraia " The first and the last" 

08- Fingerprints-.Stay The Night 

09-Supremacy. Save Me 

10-The Radio Sun- One In A Million ( Melodic Rock Records new) 

11-MARENNA-Like An Angel ( new) 

12-Martina Edoff - World Has Gone Mad ( new) 

13-William Sikström-I Will Be Waiting ( new EP) 

14-Ailafar - A Way To Your Heart ( new AOR BLVD records) 

15-Tony Hadley - This time 

16-Heartland.Fight Fire With Fire 

17-Leann Rimes " Suddenly" 

18-Street Talk. At The End Of The Day ( Melodic Rock reissue) 

19- Michael English- I wanna Know" 

Esperamos vuestros comentarios sobre las novedades. ¿ Cual os ha gustado mas? 


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