martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015

AORLAND 145ª Edición: Jewel

Menudo programa nos ha quedado..mejor dar al play y disfrutar..

00- Danger Danger " Crazy Nites"

01-Newsong “People get ready” (1994)

- Where No Man Has Gone Before 

02- Michael Bolton-Start Breaking My Heart

03-Peter Cetera “World Falling down” (1992)

- Where There's No Tomorrow 

04-Jeff Cosco&Don Macuso- Call Of The Eagle 

05-Kathy Troccoli “Pure attraction” (1991)

- Help Myself to You 

06-Two of a kind-In your Arms

07-Mike & The Mechanics “The singles 1985-2014” (2014)

- I Think I've Got the Message 

08-LAVA- Heartache

09-Michael Stanley “Coming up for air “(1996)

- Complicated 

10-FM- Rebel Eyes

11-Michael McDonald “The ultimate collection” (2005)

-No lookin´ back 

12-Glen Burtnick.Little Red House

13-The Graham Goble Encounter “Nautilus” (1993)

- Can't Eat, Can't Sleep 

14-Amy Wolter- Where My Heart Is

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