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American Mafia – Made in New York (EP) Lions Pride Music 2017 Review

Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 25 September 2017

Track list: 

01 Superstar, 
02 Gistified, 
03 Ride On Through, 
04 Lead The Way, 
05 When London Sleeps

Line Up:

Don Chaffin - Vocals
Tom Jude - Guitar
Freddy Villano - Bass
Bobby Marks - Drums 

Aunque no es el estilo que suelo escuchar siempre viene bien alejarse del Melodic Rock para descubir nuevas formaciones sobre todo si las presenta un sello amigo que intenta abrirse camino en este complicado mercado. American Mafia nos ofrece un EP con 5 buenos temas cargados de energia donde intenta lanzar una bocanada de aire fresco dentro de un estilo donde casi todo está inventado.

Con escuchar Superstar podreis alegraros el día. Un gran tema con un estribillo pegadizo que consigue que el oyente quiera descubrir más acerca de esta formación.  Si os apetece oir ese hard rock que tanto pegó en los años 90 quizás disfruteis de este lanzamiento. Nada de cosas estrañas, solo puro hard rock.

Os adjunto la nota de promoción por si os apetece conocer más acerca de la formación. Os animo a escucharlo sin más. Pasareis un agradable y corto periodo de tiempo disfrutando.

Well done
Redactor: Antonio AORLAND

Nota de prensa.

American Mafia

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, American Mafia was born out such necessity. In may 2009, the band holy water released "The collected sessions" (Perris) placing their previously unreleased, but much sought-after music in a legitimate ‘Archive.’ the cd received rave reviews:

“…the band would have been household names. at their best holy water is that good.” – Sleazeroxx
"damn near every song here could've fit on the radio..." – Detritus e-zine
“the thing about holy water is that you would have sworn you’ve heard these songs before, but chances are you haven’t.” – Hardrockhaven

"The collected sessions" was originally supposed to be a teaser while Holy Water got busy recording a new album featuring many of the songs they’d written over the years, but never properly recorded. But when original Holy Water vocalist David Knight sadly committed suicide in early 2014, guitarist Tom Jude (ex-Doro Pesch) and bassist Freddy Villano (ex-Quiet riot / Widowmaker) were faced with a dilemma: abandon the project, due to the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of replacing knight, or forge ahead. the duo opted to move forward and "The collected sessions" became holy water’s swan song, rather than teaser. 

In Knight’s absence, Jude and Villano decided to ditch the Holy Water moniker and enlist not one, but several, of contemporary rock music’s premier vocalists to help complete the record they’d already started. The names should be familiar to just about any hard rock aficionado: John West (Badlands/Artension/Royal hunt), Jimmy Kunes (Cactus/Flood the engine), Don Chaffin (Vox/Red lamb), Mike Dimeo (Riot/Masterplan/The lizards) and Ed Terry (Rondinelli/Rage & beyond). All were invited to not only sing, but also write their own lyrics and melodies. they re-branded this new union of rock n’ roll rogues American Mafia and the resulting album, "Rock n’ roll hit machine", released in August 2014 on Grooveyard records, earned rave reviews, with Ross Welford from Uberrock saying, "this plays like the best classic rock album you've never heard", and comparing it to Bad Company, Aerosmith, Foreigner, Whitesnake, Rainbow and Tesla. 

In 2016, Jude and Villano, along with vocalist Don Chaffin and drummer Bobby Marks, assembled to record a five-song EP follow-up to “Rock n’ roll hit machine,” aptly titled, “Made in New York”. In early 2017 American Mafia signed with Lions Pride Music, who will release “Made in New York” on September 25th. 

Line Up:
Don Chaffin - Vocals
Tom Jude - Guitar
Freddy Villano - Bass
Bobby Marks - Drums

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