martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

AORLAND 135ª Edición: Sound of Heart

Esperamos que la selección de temas sea de vuestro agrado 

00- Sintonía Danger Danger 
01- DC Drive - Streetgirl named Desire" 
02-Balla rd. Standing in the Shadows 
03-Jennifer Rush " Higher Ground" 
04-1927-A World Without You 
05-Robert Lamm " All the Years" 
06-Daryl Braithwaite-As The Days Go By 
07-Chris Walker- Teach me how to dream" 
08-David A. Saylor-THIS IS IT 
09-Lou Gramm - Just Between you and me" 
10-Age of Faith. Will I Find Love 
11-Santana " You Know that I love U" 
12-Margaret Becker- Never For Nothing 
13-T PAU - A Place of my Heart" 
14-Pat Benatar-One Love 
15-Bill Champlin " He started to sing" 

Hasta la semana que viene.
Antonio AORLAND  & Juan Antonio

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