martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

AORLAND 134ª Edicion: MAY


00- Danger Danger " Crazy Nite" 

01-Torben Schmidt “Long story short” (2012)- 
- All Is Said 

02-Osukaru "Tell Me You'll Stay" 2015 Album 

03-Michael Thompson Band “Future past” (2012) 

- Break Me Down 

04-Michael Bormann-For this one time in life 

05-Brian Barret “Nailed in stone” (1995) 

- He Still Moves Stones 

06-Strangeways. Goodnight L.A 

07-Jim Brickman & Laura Creamer “By heart/solo pianos” (1995) - By Heart 

08-Room Experience- Another Day Without You 

09-Stefan Andersson “Emperor´s day” (1992) -Another me 

10-Among Thieves- After the flood ( 1992) 

11-Curtis Stigers “St” (1991)-- I Guess It Wasn't Mine 

12-Ray Roper-Read Between The Lines ( 1995) 

13-Jay Miles “9 Hours” (2005) - Safe 

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