martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

AORLAND 168: Right where you are, you have...

1-John Parr “Naughty, Naughty (Re-Recorded) single” (1984/2014)/Naughty, naughty you 

2-John O´Banion “st” (1981)/ Love is Blind

3-What If/Tommy Funderburk “st” (1987)/Perfect world

4-Cerrone/Steve Overland “Dream” (1992)/What Hit You 

5-Rick Springfield “Rocket Science” (2016)/(I wish I had a) concrete heart

6-Frankie Ballard ” Sunshine & Whiskey” (2014)/I'm Thinking Country

7-Hardreams “Countdown Time” (2016)/Give Me (NOVEDAD)

8-Wilson Hawk/Richie Kotzen “The Road “(2009)/I promise I will 

9-APRIL WINE “Walking Through Fire” (1988/2009)/Love Has Remembered Me

10-Danger Zone “Closer to heaven (2016)/Hard Rock Paradise (NOVEDAD)

11-SAGA “Wildest Dreams” (1987)/Only time will tell

12-Tommy Shaw “Ambition” (1983/2014)/Dangerous Game 


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