martes, 26 de enero de 2016

AORLAND 165ª Edición: The melody always rings twice!

Hoy Juan Antonio ha celebrado su cumpleaños y nos ha regalado una selección de temas sencillamente espectacular...disfrutarlo

1-Chris Thompson /You´re the voice/“Timeline” (2008) 
2-Starship/ " We Buil This City" “Knee deep in the hoopla” (1985)
3-Glenn Frey / You Belong to the city“Soundtrack Miami Vice” (1985)
4-Stan Bush/ It don’t get better than this “Every beat of my heart” (1992)
5- Brian Adams/ Somebody
6-Swerwood Ball n´Chain/ Insincere “White light” (1995)
7-Ochsenknecht/ If I had a wish “st” (1992)
8-Just.if.I “/Go ahead and cry /After the storm /Cindy song “All one people” (1995)
9-John Wetton/Space and time (track 8)
“Battle lines” (1992)
10-The Outfield/It Should Have Been Me 
“Big innings best of the Outfield” (1986)
11-Keven Jordan/There is a reason/Just another day
“No sign of rain” (1991)
12-David Cassidy/Lying to myself /Stranger in your heart 
“st” (1990

Hasta la semana que viene

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