martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

AORLAND 152ª Edición: Any Other time...a Song

01 Joe Pasquale (Ricochet-1994)
-Time Will Never Know

02 Venice (Pacific Standard Time-2004)
-I'll Keep My Fingers Crossed

03 David Garfield & Alex Ligertwood (Giving back-2004)
-For The Love Of You

04 Thierry Condor (Stuff like that-2013)
-Blue Looks Good On You

05 Marco Taggiasco/Andrea Sanchini (This moment-2008)
- You've Been Runnin'

06 Crossfade (Secret Love-2011)
- Secret love)
07 Andreas Aleman (It's The Journey-2012)
-If It's A Dream
08 David Benoit/David Pack (Shaken Not Stirred -1994)
-Any other time

09 Greg Guidry (Over the line -1982)
- Goin' Down

10 Bill Cantos (Movie In The Night Sky-2000)
- Make The Storm Go Away

11 Stefan Gunnarsson (st-2010)
-As You Go Along

12 Janey Clewer/Peter Cetera, Marc Jordan, Tamara Champlin & Bill Champlin… (Love-2012)

13 The LA Cowboys (Endless Summer -1993)
-Say You Love Me

14 Keiko Matsui/Feat Karla Bonoff (Sapphire -1995)
- Tears From the Sun

15 Noriyuki Makihara/Bill Champlin: North wind
16 John O´banion - Thru The Eyes Of Love

17 Michael Sembello - Tear Down The Walls

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