lunes, 21 de abril de 2014


Con motivo de la inminente gira de FM por España, les hicimos una pequeña entrevista...espero que os guste..

1.-First of all, thank you very much for your time and deference to Aorland!

Pleasure good to speak to you again

2.- Who was going to say that you´ll live a second youth in 2007 when the band met after 11 year. What do you feel like this second youth in FM?

We have all been amazed by the loyalty of the fans and we are enjoying it more this time than the first time its because of the fans that we can do this all again

3.- FM has been always related to unpublished themes. In this second stage are you feeling right publishing an EP from time to time with new themes and new stuff on live. Is this the way to reward to your fans?

We like to give the fans as much new stuff as we can and whilst we are redcording new albums its nice to give them a taste of what we are doing

4.- It seems that the incorporation of Jim Kirkpatrick in the band you have returned to your old live themes . Is it true that Andy Barnnet was reluctant to play the themes of that stage?

Andy gave the band a different sound Jim also has put his own stamp on the songs but retains a lot more similarities to Chris Overland as a guitar player

5.- Nevertheless, we are still missing some great classic songs of your claim “Tough it out”. Themes so great as “The dream that died” or “Someday”. Will there be a tour to celebrate this publication´s  25th  anniversary.

Anything is possible and some of these songs could feature on tours in the future but everyone has a different FM favouite

6.- It seems that a new world is growing before you eyes. Tour in UK, Europe and now an invitation to an USA event. How are you receiving this invitation to act in America?

Unfortunately show in USA is not happening this time as it doesn’t fit in with FM plans but there will be a more extensive visit to America in future

7.- After you incredible “Rockville” and “Rockville II” publication, you have announced the publication  of a new EP called “Futurama”. Have you left out so many themes in your double disc to public 4 extra themes?

No these songs were not left over from Rockville they are a new collection of songs in the hat fro next record

8.- Have the international music world changed so much to be claimed by other countries out of UK?

I think Melodic rock music has  a new lease of life and great songs always shine through and live on

9.-Is this the best moment in FM since 1984 when the band was founded?

At present the band is moving upwards at a very fast pace and we are all enjoying being back out there again

10.- Hypothetically, in the case that you make the 25th anniversary tour “Tough it out”, should it be possible that Chris Overland acts in some of the shows?

Who know never say never

11.- Remembering the Indiscreet anniversary we´ld enjoy your meet again with your keyboard player Didge Digital. I suppose that it should be an special moment for all of you. How did this idea emerged? 

We thought it would be a real treat for the fans and we have kept in touch with didge down the years and he was really up for doing it

12.- What do you remember of your last Spanish tour? What can you give us a preview of you next tour in Spain?

The show in Madrid was a great night for us and the fans were amazing we didn’t realise how much FM music meant to the Spanish people so we cannot wait to come back and see them again

13.- What was you experience after share a perform and tour with Europe and Foreigner?

We are having a fantastic time on the tour and its such a great bill for fans of this type of music

14.-Thank you very much for your time. 

We will see you in Madrid soon!


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