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01-When Cruzh born?

Cruzh was born in the beginning of 2013. However me (Butabi) and Anton used to play together in sleaze rock band TrashQueen before, and Tony was a atudio musician on some of our old tracks! So we’ve worked together before Cruzh was founded in early 2013.

02-What bands have influenced you?

There are a couple of great bands which all 3 of us like, just to mention a few: Def Leppard, Toto, Journey, Firehouse and so on. We like the big productions and the cool song styles of the late 80’s.
My biggest influence, the way I play my bass, is probably Rachel Bolan.

03-Why record tracks slowly and not an LP?

We want to keep our flame alive… we did that mistake with TrashQueen (to record a full-length) and it took forever and the air went out of the balloon. Now we release every other month to keep the fans happy and we like it that way.

04-Who are the band now?

It’s me Dennis Butabi Borg on the bass and backing vocals. Anton Joensson on guitars and backing vocals and finally Tony Andersson on keyboards and lead vocals. We play other instruments too on our releases and some stuff we hire studio musicians for.

05-Do you have now label to edit your record ?

No label, we do everything on our own!

06-Who produce your songs?

We do it ourselves with the spirit of Mutt Lange guarding us through telepathy!

07-Where can fans buy your EP?

Our first EP “Hard To Get” can be purchased by sending us an E-mail crushofsweden@live.com. However they’re soon to be sold out so hurry up. Soon we will release a single named “Aim For The Head” which can be purchased the same way.

08-Band of the moment that makes you enjoy

I have to answer this one personally and not for the band. Apart from all my favourites from the 80’s (FM, Winger, Strangeways) I really REALLY love the new stuff from H.E.A.T. with Erik Grönwall on the mic, that dude rocks.

09-Short time ago you, you changed your name, why?

We thought CRUZH looked cooler than CRUSH, plus we could a sense a lawsuit coming in from an older band with the same name J

10-Next Tuesday March 11, giving away your EP in AORLAND. Any message for them?

Invite some friends, have a cool party, create a red wine orgy and turn up your speakers to the max while listenin to Hard To Get, coz that’s what Cruzh is all about, havin’ a good time!

11-Thank you very much for your attention!

Thank you all and thanks AORLAND for spreading our virus!


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