miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

AORLAND 42ª EDICION: “SONGS IN THE POCKET” ( feat. Juan Antonio Sanchez)

Una noche super especial donde hemos contado con la presencia del maestro del AOR / WESTCOAST Juan Antonio San chez. En esta ocasión, hemos podido disfrutar de TRES horas de programa donde hemos tenido un poco de todo, AOR, Westcoast, Soft pop etc...
Estoy seguro de que disfrutareis de la selección musical que Juan nos ha preparado.

Los temas que han ido sonando son.

1-Lincoln Brewster (2008) “Today is the day” - Everywhere I Go
2-John Warren (1990) “ One heart” - The Chosen Few
3-Larry Stewart (1999) “Learing to breathe” -Take This Heart
4.-Sergio Mendes/ Joe Pizzulo (1986) “Brasil 86”-Take this love
5.-Chris Lindberg (2013) “My ship is coming in”-My ship is coming in
6.-Andreas Aleman (2008) “This Life” -Show me
7-Jason Scheff -Noriyuki Makihara (2007) “Song from L.A.”-Love Letter
8.-Steve Lukater(1989 ) “Lukater”-Lonely beat of my heart
9-T´Pau (1991) “Thepromise” -Walk on air
10-Joe-Bruce & 2nd Avenue (1987) “St-The Terms Of Love
11-Warren Hill (1997) “Shelter”-Shelter from the storm
12-Paul Carrack (1995) “Blue views”-How long
13-Chris Farren -The Kazu Project (1985) “Standing in the wings”-That Girl
14-Ginnovannelli (1985) “Black cars”-Hurts To Be In Love
15-Johansen (1995) “Another night”-What about love
16-World on edge (1990 Canada) “St-Still beating
17-Daniel Powter (2012) "Turn On The Lights" -Crazy All My Life
18-Zappacosta(1987) “Over 60 minutes with…”-I think about you
19-Liaison (1991) “Urgency”-All i have to offer you
20-Joseph Chandler (2008) “LoveAgain” -One moment
21-Joe Pasquale (1991) “Prey”-Paint it Blue
22-Lady Antebellum (2010) “New you now”-Need you now
23-O´Shea (2013) “One+one”-Be With You Tonight
24-David Roberts (2008) “Better late than never”-Someone else´s song
25-West coast all stars (1998) “Naturally ”How Deep Is Your Love"
26-Toys of Joy (1990) “One of these days” -Let it out
27-Robert Hart(1992) “Urgency” -Better than the rest
28-Crosstalk/Sara Nordenberg& Daniel Zangger-Borch (2003)-Stronger
29-Jim Peterik& Lisa McClowry (2009) “Lifeforce” -The search is over
30-Diamond in the rough (1996) “One of these days” -Tell me
31-Bernie LaBarge (1983) Bargin´In -Can't Hold On Forever
32-David Garfield & Friends (1997) “Tribute To Jeff Porcaro “-Let's Stay Together
33-Roby Duke (1984) “Come Let Us Reason”-Come Let Us Reason
34-1927 ” (1990 ) “The other side-The other side

Una selección exquisita para una audiencia super entregada. Deseamos que hayais disfrutado de este super marartón de AOR y que para vuestro recuerdo quede.

Recordar la dirección del programa para cualquier cosa, aorlandfm@gmail.com.

Hasta la semana que viene !


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