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Ya los tenemos aquí. Recordar, Viernes sala Bikini de Barcelona junto a Hardreams !. Sábado Sala Shoko cortesía de RM Concert ! 

No os lo perdái s, merecen mucho la pena en directo. Son una de esas bandas que en directo dan mucho mas que en estudio y por supuesto, que decir de LA VOZ de " Mr Overland", en vivo es un autentico escándalo. Espero poder saludaros a todos este Sábado ! 

Hoy hemos repasado la trayectoria de FM tras la incorporación de Jim Kirkpatrick allá por el año 2008. Discos como Metropolis / Rockville I / II y 4 EPS con multitud de temas nuevos e inéditos. 

Hoy han sonado 

00- Danger Danger " Monkey Business" 

From EP Wildside 2009
00- Intro Wilside 
02-The dream than died ( Live at Winstanley College Wigan, UK) 

From Metropolis album 2010 

03- Metropolis ( From Metropolis Album 2010) 
04- Over you ( From Metropolis Album 2010) 
05-Bring Back Yesterday 
06-Who'll Stop The Rain 

From EP City limits 2010 

07-That Girl (Acoustic Version 2010) 

From EP only Foolin (2012) 

08-Shot in the Dark 
09-Does it Feel Like Love (Live) 

From Rockville ( 2013) 

09-Story Of My Life 

From Rockville II ( 2013) 


From Futurama EP ( 2014) 

11-Preying On My Mind 

Todos estos discos y EP´s los podeis adquirir en la web de FM 

Uniros a nuestra pequeña familia para debatir cada martes el programa 

mail de contacto: 

Nos vemos este finde ! 


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Aquí os dejo la entrevista que realicé al actual guitarrista de FM Jim Kirkpatrick al poco de incorporarse a la banba allá por 2008 / 2009 cuando estaban en proceso de grabación del disco Metrópolis y al poco de haber debutado con FM en el Firefest VI

First of all, thank you very much for your kindness and attention. Congratulations for the great concert you did at Firefest 6. It was amazing.
If you agree, firstly we can talk about your professionaltrajectory and we will end the interview talking about you joining one of thehard rock/aor cult bands.

Antonio Lázaro: Can you tell us briefly your guitarrist trajectory? In which bands have you been before joining FM?

Jim Kirkpatrick: For yearsI've had my own band which plays blues rock (Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan). Over the years we've done the club/pub/festival circuit. It's pretty good fun. The drummer worked with the Climax Blues Band for a long time while the other players in the band sort of come and go. All name players though. I played for 4 years with singer/songwriter Thea Gilmore. A bit of a departure style wise for me but a good experience. We had a few minor hit's and toured a lot in America. I've worked with Bernie Marsden from Whitesnake a lot over the last 4 years and of course with Steve O. I've recently done a bit of work with Chris Ousey from Virginia Wolf/Heartland. There's a more detailed list on my Myspace page.

Antonio Lázaro: In your web page we can listen to and enjoy songs recorded with Steve Overland like: If I were you (a very melodic song), No such thing as a sure thing (a more blues and rock song similar ZZ Top), Better late than never (another super melodic song), Eternally (beautiful ballad similar to the country/pop), Start it up (a rock and blues song) and Lost Highway (a great country song). The songs are very fresh and melodic, some of them very close to the Overland/Jupp SO project and others very close to the country… Let’s talk about these songs. When were they recorded?

Jum Kirkpatrick: Those songs were recorded over the last 4 years at my home studio. 'Sure Thing' was written for a project that Merv was working on but never got used. All the others were written for another project that unfortunately got shelved. They may get used in the future but probably not by FM.

Antonio Lázaro: How did youmeet Steve Overland and how did it come the idea of working together? What pop/rock bands have you worked for composing songs?

Jum Kirkpatrick: Believe it or not but I met Steve in the pub. It turned out that we'd been close neighbours for a long time but never realised. We were introduced to each other by the landlord and I thought 'there can't be too many Steve Overlands in the world'. As it turned out, there isn't and this was THE Steve Overland from FM who I was well aware of. I've worked with the above bands as well as my own stuff and some commercial music.

Antonio Lázaro: Will youofficially release these songs in the future?

Jim Kirkpatrick: I hope so but I'm not sure under which particular banner.

Antonio Lázaro: What music do you enjoy? What are your musical influences?

Jim Kirkpatrick: I have a really broad taste in music. My first heroes were Queen, Jimi Hendrix and Rory Gallagher but I like anything from Metallica to Little Feat to Django Rheinhardt to the Beach Boys.

Antonio Lázaro: Regarding your age, I suppose you grew up at the same time as the two big FM records were released “Indiscreet” and “Tough it out”. What are your memories of these two records and what do you feel being able to play songs of these two big masterpieces live?

Jim Kirkpatrick: It's great to be playing them. I have a friend who introduced me to FM when I was still at school (that sounds weird) and I bought Indiscreet on vinyl. It was only after meeting Steve that bought the rest of the albums but I remembered a few of the songs from hearing them over the years.

Antonio Lázaro: Did you ever think about playing in a band so respected and known as FM?

Jim Kirkpatrick: I certainly never expected to end up playing in FM.

Antonio Lázaro: How do you get along with all the members of the band? Are they as kind as they seem or do they have their obsessions?

Jim Kirkpatrick: Believe it or not but we all get on very well. Give it another year though Wink

Antonio Lázaro: Can you tell us the reason why Andy Barnnet left the band?

Jim Kirkpatrick: As far as I know, I don't think Andy was able to give enough commitment to the band. I think he had another project going and was planning to move abroad. Playing with FM I think is probably very different now to what it was 15/20 years ago. Unfortunately we don't have lots of staff or large budgets to work with. Every member of the band takes on a lot of responsibility individually and has to do a lot more than just play music. It's very time consuming and I'm not sure that Andy was able to do that.

Antonio Lázaro: Who suggested you to join the band? What came to your head in that moment?

Jim Kiirkpatrrick: Steve Overland put me forward for the job. I never ever expected to get it.

Antonio Lázaro: When you joined the recording of the new cd of the band, I suppose all the songs were almost written but have you been able to contribute with ideas to the new songs?

Jim Kirkpatrick: One of the reasons that the album has taken such a long time is because when I joined, the boys had a batch of songs already written. As time went on, we started writing more and better songs came along so we've sort of started from scratch again. For example, we didn't have 'Wildside' a few months ago. The download was going to be a different song altogether. So now, I think the only song on the album which was completely finished before I joined is one called 'Who'll Stop The Rain' although I still play guitar on it.

Antoinio Lázaro: What musical style do you feel more comfortable with?

Jim Kirkpatrick: Blues and rock.

Antonio Lázaro: Do you feel dizzy to be in front of so many people onstage as it happened at the Firefest?

Jim Kirkpatrick: I've played in front of much bigger crowds before (10,000 ) but the Firefest is still a big crowd and I was a little nervous beforehand.

Antonio Lázaro: We all agree thinking you did a great concert and that everybody liked your way of performing the songs. Did you feel comfortable on stage?

Jim Kirkpatrick: Yes, as I said before, a little nervous beforehand and I was aware that a lot of people would be judging me. That's the most difficult part.

Antonio Lázaro: What can you bring forward about the new FM cd? Will it be similar to the first single “Wildside” o will we have surprises?

Jim Kirkpatrick: 'Metropolis' is going to be a very strong album I'd say. It'll fit nicely between the Chris O and Andy B eras of the band. It'll be more melodic than 'Wildside'.

Antonio Lázaro: What are your memories of your appearance in the Winstanley College last March? How did it come the idea of broadcasting through the internet to all the fans of the band?

Jim Kirkpatrick: Winstanley College........very nervous and terrible sound. The broadcast was Ant Critchleys idea, I think.

Antonio Lázaro: Is there any possibility that you can play in Spain? Did you know that at Firefest 6 there were more than 100 Spanish?

Jim Kirlkpatrick: Yes, I was aware at how many Spaniards were there. We're planning to come to Spain hopefully next year.

Antonio Lázaro: What are the plans of the band in the near future?

Jim Kirkpatrick: Get the album finished!!

Antonio Lázaro: I was very lucky to be able to meet you during this year Meet and Greet. How did you feel being surrounded by all the fans of the band? Did you feel strange signing records in which you hadn’t collaborated?

Jim Kirkpatrick: Yes, it does feel strange but soon they'll be a few more CD's that I have collaborated on.

Antonio Lázaro: How many FM records had you listened to before joining the band?

Jim Kirkpatrick: I knew all of the albums before I joined the band.

Antonio Lázaro: How will be the launching party of the new FM record? How many people will be able to attend?

Jim Kirkpatrick: You'll have to check with Merv but I think around 300-400.

Antonio Lázaro: There are rumours saying you could do a tour with Danger Danger in UK. Is it true? Do you know Danger Danger? What are your favourite hard rock melodic bands?

Jim Kirkpatrick: There are a lot of ideas kicking around at the minute but I don't think I've heard that one....but don't rule it out. I'm hoping that we might do something with Romeos Daughter and maybe Dare next year but nothing has been approached yet. These are just my ideas.

Fave hard rock melodic bands:

Bon Jovi
Bryan Adams
Virginia Wolf (enjoying that at the minute)
Jimmy Barnes

Antonio Lázaro: To finish, we would like to thank you for your attention and to congratulate you for taking part of one of the best AOR bands of all times. We hope to see you live very soon and if it is possible in Spain. 

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AORLAND 89ª EDICION: FM uk ( Andy Barnett )

Desde que nació AORLAND en 2012, tenía una idea clara, FM sería parte del programa. El año pasado ya hice un especial de su primera época ( 1986-1990) y en esta ocasión, y aprovechando su inminente gira organizada por RM Concert por nuestro país, me apetecía volver a recordarlos, pero en esta ocasión recordando a su inolvidable guitarrista Andy Barnett que formó parte de la banda entre los años 1991-1997, 2006-2007. Un legado que nadie debe olvidar. 

Os resumo los temas que han ido sonando 

00- Danger Danger-Monkey Business 

From Takin´it to the street album 1991 ( Music For Nation) 
01- Heard it Through the Grapevine- 
02-Crack alley - 

From Aphrodisiac Album ( 1992 Music For Nations) 

03- All or nothing 
04- Closer To heaven ( acoustic version from " Closer to heaven" 1993 Alfa Music Japan 
05-Play Dirty 

From " Closer to heaven" Alfa music 1993 

06- Closer to Heaven 

From Dead Man´s Shoes Album ( Raw Power 1995) 

07- Ain´t no cure for love 
08- You´re the one 
09- Tattoo Needle 

From Paraphernalia album 1996 Alfa Music Japan 

10- Caught in the innocence 
11- Heavy Heart 

From No Electricity Required 1993 ( Music For Nation) 

12- All or Nothing ( Mix) 

Espero que os haya gustado el programa. Gracias una vez mas por vuestra compañía. 

Recordar el correo del programa para lo que gustéis. 

Saludos y hasta la semana que viene 

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Con motivo de la inminente gira de FM por España, les hicimos una pequeña entrevista...espero que os guste..

1.-First of all, thank you very much for your time and deference to Aorland!

Pleasure good to speak to you again

2.- Who was going to say that you´ll live a second youth in 2007 when the band met after 11 year. What do you feel like this second youth in FM?

We have all been amazed by the loyalty of the fans and we are enjoying it more this time than the first time its because of the fans that we can do this all again

3.- FM has been always related to unpublished themes. In this second stage are you feeling right publishing an EP from time to time with new themes and new stuff on live. Is this the way to reward to your fans?

We like to give the fans as much new stuff as we can and whilst we are redcording new albums its nice to give them a taste of what we are doing

4.- It seems that the incorporation of Jim Kirkpatrick in the band you have returned to your old live themes . Is it true that Andy Barnnet was reluctant to play the themes of that stage?

Andy gave the band a different sound Jim also has put his own stamp on the songs but retains a lot more similarities to Chris Overland as a guitar player

5.- Nevertheless, we are still missing some great classic songs of your claim “Tough it out”. Themes so great as “The dream that died” or “Someday”. Will there be a tour to celebrate this publication´s  25th  anniversary.

Anything is possible and some of these songs could feature on tours in the future but everyone has a different FM favouite

6.- It seems that a new world is growing before you eyes. Tour in UK, Europe and now an invitation to an USA event. How are you receiving this invitation to act in America?

Unfortunately show in USA is not happening this time as it doesn’t fit in with FM plans but there will be a more extensive visit to America in future

7.- After you incredible “Rockville” and “Rockville II” publication, you have announced the publication  of a new EP called “Futurama”. Have you left out so many themes in your double disc to public 4 extra themes?

No these songs were not left over from Rockville they are a new collection of songs in the hat fro next record

8.- Have the international music world changed so much to be claimed by other countries out of UK?

I think Melodic rock music has  a new lease of life and great songs always shine through and live on

9.-Is this the best moment in FM since 1984 when the band was founded?

At present the band is moving upwards at a very fast pace and we are all enjoying being back out there again

10.- Hypothetically, in the case that you make the 25th anniversary tour “Tough it out”, should it be possible that Chris Overland acts in some of the shows?

Who know never say never

11.- Remembering the Indiscreet anniversary we´ld enjoy your meet again with your keyboard player Didge Digital. I suppose that it should be an special moment for all of you. How did this idea emerged? 

We thought it would be a real treat for the fans and we have kept in touch with didge down the years and he was really up for doing it

12.- What do you remember of your last Spanish tour? What can you give us a preview of you next tour in Spain?

The show in Madrid was a great night for us and the fans were amazing we didn’t realise how much FM music meant to the Spanish people so we cannot wait to come back and see them again

13.- What was you experience after share a perform and tour with Europe and Foreigner?

We are having a fantastic time on the tour and its such a great bill for fans of this type of music

14.-Thank you very much for your time. 

We will see you in Madrid soon!


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AORLAND 88ª EDICION: Coming Home.

Gracias por acompañarme una noche más. Os pongo el set list 

00-Danger Danger " Monkey Business" 
01-Steel panther -The Burden Of Being Wonde rful 
02-Andy Baum - Still remember Yvonne 
03-Three Lions - Magdalene Bip 
04-Charming Grace- Start All Over Again ( Minna Ora Vocals & Mateo Serra Guitars) Bonus Japan 
05-Darin Scheff- Looking Up at Heaven ( Bill Cantos Vocals) 
06-Diesel - Coming Home ( Jim Kirkpatrick , Rober Hart). Escape music 23th May 
07-Outloud- Like a Dream ( AOR Heaven, 23th May) 
08- H.E.A.T- I´ll cry ( 2008 demo) 
09-Dare - White Horses ( Sabado 12 Abril Sala We Rock + Strangers) 
10-Laneys Legion - Poptastic. ( Perry Music) 
11-Nothern Light - High above the sky ( Rob Moratti vocals) 
12-Eric Russel - Someday Somehow 
13- Keats - Turn your heart away 
14-Steve Thompson - Forever my Love 

También hemos sorteado la ultima entrada para el concierto que Rafa Martín Ofrecerá el próximo 10 de Mayo en Madrid en la Sala Arena. 

Nos volvemos a encontrar tras las vacaciones ! 

Gracias por vuestra compañía. Uniros a nuestra pequeña familia :) 

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

AORLAND 87ª EDICION: Lourdes Lou & Juan Antonio Sanchez

Una vez más, gracias por acompañarnos en una nueva edición de AORLAND. En esta ocasión hemos contado con mis colaboradores de lujo, Lourdes & Juan. Hemos sorteado dos entradas para el concierto que Rafa Martín ofrecerá el próximo 10 de Mayo en la Sala Arena  y sobre todo,  hemos disfrutado de temas inolvidales..
Set list..

00- Danger Danger " Monkey Business"
01 - Issa - Looking For Love
02-Jude Cole “A View From 3rd Street” (1990)- Time for letting go
03-Roxette ( Theme from Pretty Woman)-t Must Have Been Love
04-Marco Taggiasco/Andrea Sanchini  “Thousand things” - Hangin On Tomorrow
05- Kane Roberts - Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?
06-Ole Borud “Keep Movin” (2011)-She's Like No Other
06- FM ( New EP " Futurama" - Preying on my mind
07- Rafa Martin " Todo el amor " Con Mercedes Ferrer ( sorteo de entrada en directo)
08-Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time
10-Casanovas & Robin Beck “Sommar I Sverige” (2013)-On A Day Like Today
11-Def Leppard- Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
12-Corin & Edman “Roc the light” (2006)-Here I am

Muchas gracias por acompañarnos una noche mas !

Hasta la semana que viene